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  February 2019 Schedule of Training

Welcome to the Creatively Fit Coaching Training! What I know for sure is that you have a magically transformative journey ahead!

Please download and save the CCFC Training PDF below to reference all training dates, call times, etc.

We begin our journey together in Vision Quest on February 4th in our online classroom here and our first Group Call is Wednesday, February 6th!

Please comment below and introduce yourself and share the sacred symbol you were given by me during our first 1-on-1 coaching call and any musings you have received so far!

SO happy you are here!

P.S. PLEASE NOTE: The link that is given in this PDF below to schedule 1-on-1 calls with me is SAVE THIS LINK. The link given to book your times with Angela (we will remind you, but want to emphasize to save the links here so you have them) is Thank you!

CCFC Training February 2019.pdf